Monday, 30 July 2018

Colorado 14er Even 2018

Amateur Radio Fun in the Colorado Mountains
August 4 & 5, 2018

Amateur Radio operators from around Colorado will be climbing many of Colorado's 14,000-foot mountains and Summits On The Air (SOTA) peaks to set up amateur radio stations in an effort to communicate with other radio amateurs across the state and around the world. Join in on the fun during the 27th annual event and see how many of the mountaintop stations you can contact. This year the event is expanded to include the entire weekend. However, many mountaintop activators will hit the trail early with the goal of being off the summits by noon due to lightning safety concerns. 

See the very cool Colorado 14er Event gear available at

The 14er event includes Summits On the Air (SOTA) peaks, which adds over 1700 summits! If you aren’t up to climbing a 14er, there are many other summits to choose from (with a wide range of difficulty). See the W0C SOTA web page at

Radio operators who plan to activate a summit should post their intent on the ham14er Yahoo Group. 

To subscribe to the “ham14er” email list, visit the Yahoo groups site at . 

Also, be sure to check out the event information at  It is also a great idea to post an ALERT on the website. 

Monday, 9 April 2018

NA to EU S2S Event...

Here's a heads up for April 21st, and a reminder that alongside the QRP to the Field event will be the next North America to Europe Summit to Summit event. 

Hopefully propagation conditions will be good enough to allow some Trans-Atlantic S2S contacts....maybe even a VK or two ??

Pick a summit and get out and enjoy yourselves!!

Sunday, 1 April 2018

We're Official !!!

As of 0001 UTC today, the VE3 SOTA association is up and running.  

All VE3 resources are now active on the SOTA website...HERE.

Besides this Blog we also have a Facebook page, set up HERE, which is a great platform to spread the news of VE3 SOTA, as well as details and pictures of your present and future activations.

VE3 Summit locations.
We are planning an "First Activation Day" for next Sunday, April 8th.  Hopefully as many operators as possible will get out and activate a summit for a few hours and put VE3 SOTA on the map that day.

VE3UNA and VE3ULC are planning on activating VE3/SO-113 located NW of Centreton in the Northumberland County Forest.

VE3FI will be activating VE3/SO-025 Ryans Mountain, which is the location of the former RCAF radar station at Foymount.

VE3IPS is planning on activating VE3/SO-101, Skyloft Resort, located north of Ajax, in Durham Region.

You can send your activation plans to VE3SOTA at protonmail dot com and we will post them here, or you can post direct to the Facebook page.

While most of our summits are located in the North-East and North-West of the province, there are still 121 of them in Southern and Eastern Ontario, close enough for most of us to activate.   Please remember to respect private property, some of these summits may be in fact on private property, and if you find one that is please advise of that fact so we can amend the listings.

Be careful and stay safe out there, it's still winter conditions in some places of the province so take your time and take care.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Great News...

The BIG news being made public today is that the VE3 SOTA Association will finally become active effective 01 April 2018.

This is the end result of almost 10 years work by a number of people. This project was originally begun by Martin VA3SIE, who is a very active SOTA summit chaser, and was been active with the VE2 SOTA Association for some time.  So many thanks to Martin for kick-starting this.

We are shooting for a first activation day of 08 April. Hopefully we will get a large number of VE3 Summits on the air that day, as we expect some large pileups due to people waiting a long time for the VE3 Association to become active.

We will be a P100 Association, and have around 1000 summits to activate, most of them are up in North-West and North-East Ontario.  But there are over 100 summits in Eastern and Southern Ontario close to us.

For those of you interested in SOTA, we do now have our own "" home. 
The new group is called VE3SOTA and you can subscribe by going here :

The URL that will hold the VE3 Summit Date is located at:  It's active now.

Monday, 19 March 2018

March Update

Just got the newly minted VE3 SOTA regional boundaries off to the SOTA management team in the UK.   Now it's up the the management team to populate the regions with the authorized summits, which should not take very long at all.

For those interested, the province has been divided up into three regions, North-West, North-East, and South.   The vast majority of authorized summits are in the NW & NE, while the remainder are all south of the Mattawa River in eastern and central Ontario.

Stay tuned for more announcements, and news of our "opening day" !!

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

January 2018 Update...

We’ve received another update from the SOTA Management Team about the status of VE3 SOTA.

First off, thanks to everyone who has emailed their support and encouragement, it seems a heck of a lot of VE3 Amateurs are looking forward to VE3 SOTA's first activation day.

Here's a summary of what they’ve been doing... and where the three sources of data has come from:
1/ SRTM (Space Shuttle RADAR DEM)
2/ CDEM (DEM for all of Canada)
3/ Ontario DEM (from Land Information Ontario)

This gave the Management Team three sets of summit/col pairs. In an ideal world they'd all be the same. In practice something like 70% were uncontroversial. Over the weekend they have been checking through the remaining discrepancies.

The Management Team has ended up with a set of 1000 p100 summits. It's a suspiciously round number but that's how it came out! They are currently waiting to receive a database of spot height values from Land Information Ontario, which will be used for the final listing, but we can add that later if needed.

The data has been sent to Andrew VK3ARR, who will be setting up an in-browser mapping app for our association. This will give you Ontario Base Map, Toporama, etc, so that you can look at the names.

Now we have to start thinking about regions and what points bands we are going to use.  Originally the idea was to use the current Ontario RAC Section boundaries as our SOTA Regions, but that now looks unlikely as it would leave at least one and maybe two regions with no acceptable summits…so back to the drawing board on that idea.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

December 2017 Update....

Here we are nearly at the end of 2017, and some good news was received today from the SOTA Management Team in the UK, a Christmas present of sorts...

Permission has been granted to allow us to be a P100 Association, as we obviously don't have enough P150 summits in Ontario to make a SOTA Association worth while to create.

So far over 1000 P100 peaks have been identified in Ontario, and the work will start shortly of inputting their details into the main SOTA database....a huge job as you might guess.

We are hoping to have things tied up and ready to roll out sometime in the spring of 2018, ready for a busy summer and fall season of first activations.

It's going to be an exciting time when we finally tie all the details together and roll them out to the amateur community.

Stay tuned for more news as we get it.