Wednesday, 24 January 2018

January 2018 Update...

We’ve received another update from the SOTA Management Team about the status of VE3 SOTA.

First off, thanks to everyone who has emailed their support and encouragement, it seems a heck of a lot of VE3 Amateurs are looking forward to VE3 SOTA's first activation day.

Here's a summary of what they’ve been doing... and where the three sources of data has come from:
1/ SRTM (Space Shuttle RADAR DEM)
2/ CDEM (DEM for all of Canada)
3/ Ontario DEM (from Land Information Ontario)

This gave the Management Team three sets of summit/col pairs. In an ideal world they'd all be the same. In practice something like 70% were uncontroversial. Over the weekend they have been checking through the remaining discrepancies.

The Management Team has ended up with a set of 1000 p100 summits. It's a suspiciously round number but that's how it came out! They are currently waiting to receive a database of spot height values from Land Information Ontario, which will be used for the final listing, but we can add that later if needed.

The data has been sent to Andrew VK3ARR, who will be setting up an in-browser mapping app for our association. This will give you Ontario Base Map, Toporama, etc, so that you can look at the names.

Now we have to start thinking about regions and what points bands we are going to use.  Originally the idea was to use the current Ontario RAC Section boundaries as our SOTA Regions, but that now looks unlikely as it would leave at least one and maybe two regions with no acceptable summits…so back to the drawing board on that idea.


  1. Great news. I'm looking forward to activating some VE3 summits and even more to some summit-to-summit contacts with VE3 activators.
    73, Malcolm VE2DDZ

    1. Hopefully it won't be too long Malcolm until we can do that !! The SOTA Management Team is really pushing to get us up and running as soon as they can. 73, Bill VE3FI

  2. 2018 will be the year to get this going. Its been a long time but with the relaxation of the rules we will have something to get the summits going. Get the radios and antennas ready to activate!! john ve3ips

    i have two summits in California so far

  3. I am ready to go. I have tested my portable set up and it works well with a ft817 and SOTABEAM antenna and a homebrew 2m antenna. I am writing this during April's ice storm. Gotta get out of the house soon.
    Bob Ve3obo

    1. Bob, I think we're all suffering from cabin fever this winter!! :-) Lots of ice coming down here in Collins Bay today.....hopefully next weekend will be better !!
      Bill VE3FI